Instruction tailored to the needs of the student

Every person is different, different body types, different priorities and different needs. My job is to solve the puzzle in front of me to help that person to play better golf and shoot lower scores. The golf swing is only a small part of the overall game and student’s potential success. I have often asked students “If someone were to pay us a million dollars to lower your scores by five shots, what would we work on?”

Long term beats short term every time

I think it is rare for someone to improve after just one lesson. It happens but it is rare. I have often quoted part of a commercial for a drug company that said “if only one pushup can make you stronger”. One lesson can sometimes help but I have learned that the golfers who truly get better are the ones who take multiple lessons and then practice what we worked between the lessons. The frequent feedback and repetition are key to the learning process.

Why guess when you can measure

I utilize the latest technology to measure what the student is doing and to help to build a roadmap for improvement. I currently use a Flightscope Launch Monitor, a Boditrak pressure mat, K Vest which is 3D technology and the FocusBand which can help us improve the mind. I also think technology can help the student improve at a faster rate.


I believe that there are times to work on improving the physical motion and there are times to work more on performance factors. I think the best time to work on changing the physical motion is during the off-season.

What do you want?

Before we begin, I want to know what to student wants to accomplish in the short term and the long term then I do everything that I can to accomplish those goals.